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Times and Weather Conditions

Generally CJ & K Ltd clean windows during normal ‘office hours’, but these vary depending on the daylight hours, so these time can change a little throughout the year. They are approximately:

Monday – Friday 8am / 9am – 4pm / 5pm

Cleaning times both earlier or later than above can be requested but may incur an extra charge for out of hours services.

All Year Round Window Cleaning

CJ&K Ltd clean all year round – not just the summer like many other window cleaners. We have no problem with cold weather. We also have no problem with rain. We don’t work in heavier rain, or bad snow, ice or high winds.

Due to the nature of our work, these are either not safe or are not practical. It will be for these reasons that I don’t work some days but this is very rare – not because we don’t feel like it. Rest assured, I will keep cleaning your windows as many days as possible.

Weather Conditions Sometimes Affect Window Cleaning

We all know that the weather can often be rather wet and windy in this country.
Most days, this will not make any difference to our window cleaning schedule.

Windows can be washed in rain, wind or other adverse weather conditions. Customers expect us to clean windows on a regular basis, and ‘normal’ adverse weather conditions will not affect that i.e. I will wash windows in rain as well as dry days.

So, You Wash Windows In The Rain?

Yes CJ&K do clean windows in the rain. The rain doesn’t make much difference to the finished result of a window being cleaned. If we wash your windows in the rain, they will still be clean. It is really just an ‘old wife’s tale’ that you shouldn’t wash windows in the rain.

If that tale about them being dirty right away was true, then I would have to wash the windows in your house every single week, as it rains so often in this country.

If you want a reliable, dependable window cleaner, then there will be times that we will be round at your house or shop washing the windows when it is raining.

What About The Snow – Do You Clean Windows In The Snow?

Again, Yes providing it is safe to do so. For the same reasons as above – my customers expect a reliable, regular service all year round, and that is what we provide. If the snow or ice makes the job unsafe, or it is snowing so hard that it is difficult then we won’t clean in these conditions.