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Solar Panel Cleaning Improves Energy Output & Efficiency

Is solar panel cleaning really necessary? Yes, if you want to keep up the best output from your solar panels, and thus get the best value for money, and faster return on your investment.

Google, the Internet company cleaned their company solar panels and ran their own experiments on the power output difference before and after cleaning. In their words, they wanted to see “Does cleaning the solar panels make them more effective?” Like everything that Google does, they analysed their data before and after (On several occasions), to get facts and figures – not just go by the manufacturer’s recommendation. Google said at the end of the analysis of before after the solar panel cleaning process, “We found that cleaning these panels is the #1 way to maximize the energy they produce,”

We Provide A Low Cost, Effective Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Just like your windows, solar panels get dirty from the general grime in the air, minerals and salts in the rain water, bird droppings, spiders webs etc. These all cut down on the level of sun that gets through to your solar panels, and they need cleaned off. Warrenpoint Window Cleaning offers a Solar Panel cleaning service for homes and businesses. We use a proven, solar panel cleaning system that is gentle on solar panels yet effective at removing the dirt and grime that cuts down the suns rays going to the elements in your solar panels.

Handle Solar Panel Cleaning With Care

Solar panel surfaces are delicate, and need treated with care. That’s why we don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to clean your solar panels. We use an environmentally friendly, gentle but effective cleaning process. Our solar panel cleaning method uses de-ionised water, and a soft, scratch free, cleaning head designed especially for solar panel cleaning. This cleaning system is both effective at cleaning, and at the same time treating your delicate solar panel surfaces with the care they need.

Solar Panel Cleaning Recommended by Experts

The manufacturer of your solar panels probably recommended that they be kept clean. You will also find some respectable technology websites and environmental websites that all recommend that you clean your solar panels, either yourself, by a solar panel cleaning ‘robot’ or a solar panel cleaning service such as I one we offer in Northern Ireland. Solar panels get dirty, just like glass windows, but when your solar panels gets dirty, they produce less electricity. Cleaning them remedies this situation – thus it is recommended to get them cleaned regularly.

Solar Panel Cleaning By Us Or By Yourself

We offer the service for home and small companies in our main working areas of North West england etc. Though, we will travel further afield for bigger jobs. Just ask if you want to check if we will cover your area.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service May Be Cheaper Than You Think

We can clean your solar panels with our environmentally and solar panel friendly, pure water cleaning system. If you are interested in asking about this, then contact CJ&K Ltd for a free, no obligation quotation. It is difficult to give you a general price online, but the cost could probably be similar to us cleaning the same quantities of windows.

Our Pure Water solar panel cleaning system will clean away dirt, minerals and general grime, and since the water that we use has been de-ionised, and has no dissolved solids, it will leave no residue on the surface of your newly cleaned solar panel the way tap water will. So, you get an effective clean at a price that you may be surprised at.

Business or Home Solar Panel Cleaning

We clean Solar Panels for homes and businesses. Often, but not always, home owners get their solar panels cleaned at the same time as we are cleaning your windows. We are willing to look at any job big or small for home or business solar panel cleaning – just contact CJ&K Ltd for a free, no obligation quotation.