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gutters2Gutter Cleaning or clearing is when CJ&K remove the build up of moss, dirt, grass, leaves, other plants and tennis balls etc. from your gutters. Not to be confused with gutter cleaning.

Gutter cleaning, not a very ‘glamorous’ service, as you often don’t really notice when it’s done. Keeping your gutters cleared of blockages and running smoothly is very important. If your gutters get blocked, then the water that drains from your roof cannot drain through the gutters, and must find an exit. This is normally done by overflowing and coming over the side of the gutter, then running down your wall.

It’s not a big problem you think? Well, yes it is – and can be a very expensive problem if your gutters are left overflowing.

waterWater running down the outside of your house like this causes damp inside. This is both unsightly and produces mould spores in the house which smell off and can cause breathing difficulties – especially in the very young, old and those with some breathing problems to start with. If the mould is near food storage such as the kitchen, it can spoil the food if the spores get into it. Mould spores can also get into house plants and cause them to mould as well.

Something as simple, and cheap to remedy as gutter cleaning or clearing is actually a very important factor in home maintenance.

In a study by Churchill Insurance, they found that 98% of estate agents said that an unsightly or poorly maintained neighbouring property has a negative impact on the price potential buyers will pay for a home. One of the top five eyesores that has a negative impact on the price potential buyers will pay is “Overflowing Gutters”.

Details of The Gutter Cleaning / Gutter Clearing Service CJ&K Ltd offer Are further Down The Page

Below are all pictures of gutter of houses I have worked on. Sometimes you wouldn’t even notice a problem from the ground, and you don’t always notice the overflow until damage is done. In each of these instances from the images below, the gutters ‘needed’ to be cleared before an expensive problem started.

Tree like Plant Growing Out Of Gutter. The roots of this spread pretty far up the gutter.
Grass and soil blocking Gutter
Grass stopping Water Flow
Gutter Blocked With Soil and Debris
Water Can’t flow Through The Moss Build Up in The Gutter
This Gutter Is Filled With Plant Debris From Nearby Tress
Gutter Overflowing into Conservatory. Blocked with Football and Weeds
Gutter Blocked Solid with Grass

Gutter Cleaning / Gutter Clearing Service CJ&K Ltd Offer

We can clear gutters of 1, 2 and 3 storey houses and other buildings up to 40ft high. We clear gutters in residential houses, shops, restaurants and factories.

Insurance companies, will often not pay out for damage caused by water or damp, if the root of the problem was a blocked gutter. So, get your gutters cleared regularly.

If you would like us to clear out your gutters, or even if you are thinking about it, but are not sure about how much the price would be for your house, you can contact us to ask for a free, no-obligation quote it’s no problem, and we just need to have a quick look at the outside of your house, which I can do at any point i.e. you don’t have to be there as long as we have access right around the outside i.e. no locked gates.

If the exterior of your guttering is dirty and needs cleaning, we can do that too while we are there. You can get more information on our page about Cleaning Fascia, Soffit and guttering.

Gutter Cleaning for Businesses

CJ&K can clean gutters in business premises up to 40ft/12m in height. If you need the gutters cleared for your business we can do that, we can also give you a quotation for an annual clean, which you often need to fulfill your insurance company requirements. After cleaning, we can send you a written ‘Works Report’ for your file, so you have it if/when your insurance company requires proof that it has been done. We can also provide you with visual proof that the gutters are cleared.

Before commencing, We can give you copies of a risk assessment and method statement if you need them. All work will be carried out in compliance with the current health and safety legislation.